The Physical Training Company are pleased to announce our Semi Private Personal Training sessions are now happening at a NEW location, Just Play in Al Quoz.

Map to Just Play
Semi Private Training at Just Play
Semi Private Personal Training

Semi Private Personal Training is a great way to work out because in it you will train in a small group of people where you follow your own program which is tailored to your goals and ability level. This is not a circuit class or any kind of standard group exercise training, the programs you have are individualised and tailored specifically to you, the difference is that you will train your program at the same time as a small group of comrades who will each be training on their own specific programs in accordance with their own respective goals and circumstances.

This service offers much more flexibility than conventional one-on-one personal training, because we give you the opportunity to train at morning or evening sessions, which you are able to attend subject to availability. This means that if you miss a session in the morning because of work commitments you can make it up in the afternoon or the next day, without being charged any cancellation fee!

Our semi-private personal training sessions are also much more affordable than regular one-on-one personal training, whilst giving you the same individually tailored programs and guidance that expensive and conventional one-on-one personal training does.

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